Our story.

Spoiler alert! Our story is out of the ordinary. We are not the average venture capital firm founders with a track record in finance. We are a team of entrepreneurs with thorough specialist knowledge about e-commerce and we are here to help.


We started our entrepreneurial journey back in 2016 while visiting one of the largest trade shows worldwide in Guangzhou. Just before we left for this trip, Paul quit his job at one of the largest IT companies in The Netherlands while Martijn decided that the corporate environment at Heineken was too boring.

Inspired by China's drive for innovation, international trade, and work mentality, we decided to start our e-commerce agency Ask Phill with the same mentality in Amsterdam. Since the start of our e-commerce agency in 2016, we have collaborated with tons of e-commerce companies grow their businesses successfully. As a result of these intensive collaborations, we have been able to become specialists in e-commerce strategy, development, online marketing, and design.


We have met a lot of entrepreneurs who have great ideas but lack capital or development, design, e-commerce, or online marketing knowledge. This is when we realised the best partner in an early-stage e-commerce agency is a team like ours: only one investor, but a team of specialists. This is all you need to kick-start your e-commerce business.

Our combination of thorough e-commerce knowledge in the field of strategy, development, design, and marketing enables us to effectively direct your business through all challenges you might face. Companies we invest in have the advantage of having a full network of experts at their disposal on an ongoing basis. When combining this knowledge with our entrepreneurial expertise and Chinese work mentality, we will get your business to the next stage.


We believe close collaboration with Ask Phill Ventures will elevate both teams to new heights. We are empowering the founding team to reach their targets in the most efficient way by adopting our tech-mindset. And our goal? To grow your business and define the future of e-commerce.

We are looking for seed and early stage e-commerce companies with a direct-to-consumer strategy as their focus. We invest in digital native brands that are ahead of the curve and where we join as founding partners.